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Chris Gaskin

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Chris at Rennell Beach Chris looking for rock wrens
Rennell Island Looking for rock wrens,
Fiordland NP, NZ

Chris grew up in Fiji. He worked as an artist and illustrator over a period of 25 years, first as an artist employed by the NZ Forest Service illustrating the natural history and landscapes of southern New Zealand, then as a free-lance illustrator with a number of award winning books to his name. This has included books for general audiences as well as for children - including REMOTE THE LAND'S HEART, which he both wrote and illustrated, and the encyclopaedic THE NATURAL WORLD OF NEW ZEALAND (written by Gerard Hutching).

More recently Chris has specialised in designing displays and educational resources for museums and visitor centres throughout New Zealand. Other work Chris has been involved in includes: working with palaeontologists reconstructing New Zealand's fascinating extinct fauna including fossil birds, penguins and moa; and working with archaeologists reconstructing sites throughout New Zealand, both Maori and European (Pakeha). Examples of Chris's work appear throughout our website and in our gallery.



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