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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where do we meet you?

In New Zealand we will pick you up at your hotel on the morning of departure. Usually between 8.30 and 8.00 am. Sometimes earlier - depends on the tide! You just need to let us know where you are staying after you arrive in New Zealand if we haven't made the booking for you. We will contact you the day before.

In Australia, we will either meet you at the airport in Cairns or at our hotel the evening prior to departure.

In the South Pacific we will usually meet you at the airport on your arrival, or at our hotel.

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Q. Where do the trips finish?

You will need to check each itinerary. Most NZ trips finish in Queenstown, so you will need to arrange flights back to Christchurch or Auckland as part of your international flight schedule or we can make internal flight bookings for you.

In Australia our Queensland tour finishes back in Cairns so you can meet you international flight or stay on as long as you like.

On the Pacific tours most itineraries finish in a city (eg Brisbane, Noumea or Nadi) that will allow you to connect with your international flight. Please check your itinerary.

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Q. What is included in the price of the trip?

Most of our tours include all accommodation, transport once the tour begins, meals, morning and afternoon teas, additional trips and sleeping gear if camping. More detailed information is available in the what you need to know section.

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Q. What isn't included?

Transport to our country of departure, alcoholic drinks, additional snacks and any other additional tours not included in the itineraries. More detailed information is available in the what you need to know section.

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Q. Will I be able to wash clothes on tour?

Yes, we frequently have access to washing machines on tour in New Zealand and Australia in lodges and hotels. Camping trips are more difficult and it is advisable to bring easy-wash clothes that can by rinsed out by hand and dried overnight. Bring soap powder or soap and a few pegs for camping trips. In the Pacific the same situation applies.

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Q. How much luggage can I bring?

On New Zealand trips you can bring up to 20kg per person excluding hand luggage. On our Australian trips you will need to limit yourself to 10kg excluding hand luggage (bags are carried on top of the 4X4 OKA's) and on our Pacific trips 15kg is the maximum excluding hand luggage (for small planes and boats).

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Q. What gear should I bring?

Please check the need to know section.

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Q. Can you recommend accommodation prior to our trip?

We have limited accommodation in our own homestay-style lodge and we can make any accommodation bookings for nearby, or in Auckland. We can also make reservations for accommodation around the country for a small charge.

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Q. There are quite a few boat trips on the tours in New Zealand, will I get seasick?

Most boat trips are in calm water, however there are one or two trips which can be rough (not always) These are the pelagic boat trips off Kaikoura and Stewart Island. You are advised to bring your usual seasick remedy for these trips.

In the Pacific there are also quite a few boat trips. Generally these are in calm water. The trip to Namena Island in the Fiji Group is 1.5 hours and can be quite rolly. On our Solomon Islands trip there is a lot of time on boats and seasick remedies are recommended.

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Q. What will our accommodation be like?

In the Pacific we will stay in a variety of places - resorts, hotels, eco-lodges and village stays. The Raintree Lodge is an example of the type of accommodation you might be staying.

In New Zealand our accommodation is in lodges, hotels, motels and on board a boat at Milford Sound. The Te Kauri Birding Lodge and the Lake Moeraki Wilderness Lodge are examples of accommodation in New Zealand.

Eco-lodge, Solomon Islands Uepi Resort, Solomon Islands Mandy outside her tent, Iron Range NP
Eco-lodge, Solomon Islands Uepi Resort, Solomon Islands Mandy outside her tent,
Iron Range NP

In Australia, our safaris are a mix of camping (Mandy demonstrates below that she's happy with her tent!) and lodges. Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge and Lotus Bird Lodge are two examples of lodges used by Kiwi Wildlife Tours in Australia.

Additional links to lodges are available on the links page.

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