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Kiwi Wildlife Tours

The Kiwi Team

Kiwi Wildlife Tours is a dedicated team who share a passion for wildlife in New Zealand and the South Pacific region. We have all worked in the conservation of NZ wildlife in a professional capacity - a combined total of more than 60 years experience. We are now keen to share our combined knowledge and skill with others.

Who are we?

Team:   Chris Gaskin  |   Nigel Milius   |   Wendy Hare   | Derek Bettesworth |  
                Ian Southey   |    Karen Baird   |   Johnny Kendrick

Bird watching is our business

Birds   |    Bird-watchers   |   Birds are our business

Golden-shouldered parrot on a termite mound
Golden-shouldered parrot
on a termite mound

Birds are our speciality

New Zealand, the South Pacific and Australia is our region. We run tours in New Zealand during the austral spring, summer and autumn period, and have been operating since 1997. We also run tours to North Queensland during the months of July and September each year.

This year we expanded our tour options to include Pacific Island destinations. During 2001 Karen and Chris spent an extended period exploring the region (with the support of NZ Overseas Development Agency and South Pacific Regional Environment Programme) to fully investigate birding opportunities and the infrastructure to support tours. With our new programme of tours we are the only South Pacific-based bird-watching company with a strong commitment to assist in the development of bird-watching and eco-tourism opportunities that create benefits to local communities.


Wandering albatross

Kea in beech forest

Yellowhead Wandering albatross Kea in beech forest

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